About Us

Who Are We?


At the End of the Day CaFe is a new catering/ food truck company based in the DFW area, established in October of 2016.   

Our goal is to create opportunities for others who have been denied the possibility of employment because of their in-experience, culture or education. 

Our mission is to create entrepreneurship opportunities in whatever field our employees might be interested in. 

Things You Must Know!


 We cook our food with fresh, high quality ingredients.

One of our top priorities is giving our customers a great experience while taking every bite of our delicious food. 

Our food includes exciting and exotic flavors with an EOD twist. 

We are bringing a little bit of Baltimore to our good beautiful Texas.


We are a community-based company.

Your Trust!


 We know that trusting a company that is new and never heard off can be a scary thing. However, we are extremely confident that once you have a taste of our food, you will continue coming for more. 

We treat each of our customers like they are part of our company because they are! We ensure that each event is as personalized as possible to guarantee a one of a kind event. 

We strive to make your pallets feel happy when they taste our food and we want your event to be the talk among family, friends. co-workers etc. 

We are confident that you will not regret choosing us as your go to catering company!